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Father's Day 2019

I believe in fatherhood and it's innate power to do so much good for our world. I grew up with a father who encouraged me to do hard things. I am married to a man who's father taught him to work hard and respect his spouse. And both men exemplified the motto: "If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right." 

The man I chose to spend eternity with is also a father who loves his children. He shows that love with kind words, silliness and play time, hugs, bed time kisses, and teaching/ sharing his love of learning. He worries about them. He thinks about them. He talks about them. I have been told on multiple occasions by the children "Daddy knows everything." And he does. He knows how to make us laugh. He encourages us to learn and think and find joy in doing so. He is the absolute best when it comes to Legos, Nintendo, throwing a ball, and playing astronaut. He is also remarkably skilled at hair brushing and can put together a mean ponytail. But most of all, he has mastered the art of saying "I love you." and I love him intensely for it.  He is our happy. He is our whole world. We love the father of our home. 

Happy Father's Day to all the men in the world who cheer, encourage, and help us become our best. You are needed. And you are loved.