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In the Kitchen

Friend Friday + Grain-free Sugar Cookies

Utah spring is not my favorite. It teases and taunts me with bouts of warm, sunny weather and then spends a week (or two) offering nothing but cold, rainy gloominess. #whattheheck Such was the case last Friday. I decided we needed something to cheer up our faces, so...ahem...SUGAR COOKIES. Because I've…

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Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

For almost 5 months, I've stopped eating sugar, wheat, and flour. This even included any kind of sweetner (i.e. honey or maple syrup) or non-grain flours (including almond and coconut flour) for the first few months. I'm slowly reintroducing non-processed sugar/sweetners and said flours back into my diet. Today, the children and…

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