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Love Your Choice

Husband "Duty"

That moment you walk in the door and find your husband on his hands and knees, cleaning toilets that needed to be cleaned 2 months ago... And then you ask him if he wants to make out. Hard. Every time I've used the bathroom today, I got butterflies and smiled like…

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Weekend Getaway

For Christmas, my parents gave Brandon and I a weekend getaway, including a hotel stay in downtown Salt Lake City, dinner, movie, and babysitting (can I say best gift ever?). We decided to use our gift this weekend and it was MUCH NEEDED. Dinner at the amazing Texas de Brazil…

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Happy 8th Anniversary!

Brandon and I have been married for 8 years. 8 years feels like a long time, even if we're still young and have much marriage to experience. I'd like to give my two cents anyway. ;) I thought I'd share 8 things (see what I did there?) I've learned from…

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