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Mother's Day 2019

I'm posting about Mother's Day today, because yesterday was all about enjoying the gift of the day. The children and B brought me my favorite green smoothie in bed and beautiful homemade gifts, B got everyone ready for church so I could take my time, and I was able to spend the…

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Easter 2019

As we celebrated Easter Sunday yesterday, I reflected on how it's message has impacted my life this past year. I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that because of Him, death is not the end, peace and love will conquer fear and hate, and all that is broken can become whole…

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Hufflepuff House Cup Party

For the month of March, the boys have been participating in a school-wide reading competition. Each grade is placed into a different Hogwarts house and each week reading hours are counted and the house with the most hours wins the House Cup! Liam and Finn were in Hufflepuff this year…

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St Patrick's Day 2019

Happy St Patrick's Day! What a wonderful, magical morning we've had, starting with the children waking us up to excitedly show all the tricky things the leprechauns did and left for our family. The pictures and couch cushions were all upside down in the living room and the pillows piled…

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Valentines Day 2019

We had a lovely Valentines Day, starting last night as we finished up Valentines boxes for Liam and Finn. Both boys told me their vision for their boxes and then we hit up Pinterest (of course) for some ideas. I think Optimus Prime and a firetruck from Mini Force (new…

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