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Backyard Farming

How To: Process Peaches for Homemade Jam

Last week, my parents called and told me their neighbor had two 5 gallon buckets of peaches they harvested from their backyard tree. I have yet to bottle fruit to use throughout the year, but I LOVE peach jam! I picked up the buckets and brought them home to process the fruit.

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How to: Canned Tomatoes

Tomatoes were one of the first vegetables I grew as a backyard gardner. They're pretty easy and thrive in the sunny and warm Utah summers. I continue to learn and "experiment" on how to make my crop more successful, like the benefits of pruning and supplementing the soil with minerals.

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Spring Planting 2019

When my parents moved into their new home last year, my dad approached me about the huge garden in the backyard that was being overrun with gigantic, beautiful sunflowers. He asked if I'd be interested in using it to grow even more food than what our backyard grow box could…

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