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First week of Summer...

We are halfway through our first week of summer break and it's been full, to say the least! Dance rehearsals, Provo bakery visits while waiting for Kate during said rehearsals (these kronuts!), Kate's dance performance, water games with friends, trips to the Dollar Store to spend money earned by doing extra chores, drives in the car with the windows rolled down and music blasting, bike rides, reading & math games, eating watermelon scraps while mom prepares supper, working in the garden, a rousing game of Pretty, Pretty Princess, multiple layers of sunscreen, and about four rounds of Lego Movie 2. 

Of course, all three children are completely passed out in their beds as I write this.  

Kate has LOVED dance this year! It is extremely rewarding to watch her get up on stage and just SHINE. It's amazing what we give for that two minutes of pure joy (for her and for us!). This spring performance, she was a spider for her dance "Little Miss Muffet". #sodangcute 

This girl has the biggest fan base and I hope she never forgets how much she is loved and adored by grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and her mom and dad.  We love you Kate the Great! 


Oh, and I all think we all need a "Miss Annie" nanny. Kate will do ANYTHING if Miss Annie says so, including...but not limited to... using the potty, getting dressed, buckling seat belt, sitting still for getting hair done, brushing teeth, etc. etc. Of course Miss Annie didn't actually tell her to do most of these things, but as I've requested cooperation for all of these items, the conversation commonly goes as follows:

"Kate, will you ____?"

"Why? Does Miss Annie want me to?"

"Yes, I think Miss Annie would like you to do what I've asked."

"Okay. Miss Annie will be so happy!"

"Yes, and so will I!"

"But, I like to listen to Miss Annie."

"I know. And I like it when you listen to Mommy, too."

"No, I listen to Miss Annie."

"Yeah, and she likes you to listen to Mommy."

"Well, she's my teacher, so I'll listen to Miss Annie."


#bestdanceteacher #besthuman #accordingtokate 

Here's to a great rest of the week!