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Spring Planting 2019

When my parents moved into their new home last year, my dad approached me about the huge garden in the backyard that was being overrun with gigantic, beautiful sunflowers. He asked if I'd be interested in using it to grow even more food than what our backyard grow box could produce. Of course I jumped on that and have been working 3 days a week for the past month to get it ready for that blessed event- spring planting! when you hear me talk about the BIG garden (in my parent's backyard) and the SMALL garden (in my backyard), you'll know what I mean. Today, Kate and I ventured to the nursery and ended up with 110 plants! Yep, ya heard me right. 110 plants and that's not even including squash I still need to get. YAY!!

Of course, I have everything for my canned salsa- tomatoes, peppers, and onions. But, I'm also trying my hand at spinach, brussel sprouts, and broccoli. #sendmetips Dad and I transplanted about 12 raspberry plants from around their yard onto the side of the big garden and I bought 8 blackberry bushes to go with them. #jam 

After planting, I walked into the house and flung myself on the couch next to my mom. She asked how I was doing, to which I replied "It's a lot of work. But, it's God's work." :) #butreally #plantlady #farmgirlatheart

What are you planting this year? Share with me, along with any tips you have on Instagram! 

Happy planting!