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Summer Vacation is HERE.

The day has finally arrived- SUMMER VACATION! Not that it's felt a TON like summer around here...ahem, Utah spring. But, the children's last day of school was yesterday, we kicked things off with our Make It Great 5k this morning, and this mom's planning out summer schedules which begin on Monday. 

I feel like the past week has been an absolute marathon. The boys had their school dance festival on Wednesday. They performed the Mexican Hat Dance with their class and they were so dang cute! 

Yesterday morning, I made the boys pose for "official" last day of 1st grade pictures and as I've looked over them today, there's bittersweet feelings about how fast time flies. There has been SO MUCH growth this year for both and I'm proud of how much they've worked, because they worked HARD! And now...we play hard, too! #summervacation 

We kicked off the beginning of summer vacation with our annual Make It Great 5k this morning. We started this tradition a few years ago as a unique way to celebrate my birthday. But over the years, it's become an opportunity for our family to give back to the community and neighborhood we love and appreciate so much. We had a great turnout this year and great weather! 

Here's to the BEST summer ever!